Daniel PinedaBitcoin Finance Expert

Areas of expertise

t takes mental, social, and financial self organization to thrive in the 21st Century.

Technological Interests:
– Prosumerism
– Open Source Innovation
– Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Regulation
– Decentralized Apps (DApp)
– Portfolio Factoring
– V.R.
– CrossChain Liquidity
– Market Merging


Apptrade is an app portfolio marketplace, currently in development, that will run on a decentralized exchange on the Bitshares blockchain.

A portfolio of apps may have the potential to compete with stocks or real estate.

-Each app portfolio’s market value is reflected in digital tokens that are backed by app earnings pooled from portfolios.
-Digital tokens are sold to raise capital on behalf of digital content creators.
– Revenues from the sale of tokens are given to publishers so they may grow their apps. In turn, app revenues are automatically paid out to sponsors through the system’s monthly buy-back.
– All transactions are settled and time stamped on a distributed ledger; a public balance sheet of all activity.
– An app broker is a liaison between the creators and buyers of digital goods. I’m responsible for spreading awareness about the potential of app portfolios as an alternative asset class.

Blockchain WP comes up with results that are actually implementable. That is their strength compared to other consulting companies.

OpenLedger is a turnkey cryptocurrency creation and trading platform.

OpenLedger exchange is built on top of the MIT-licensed Graphene technology of BitShares 2.0 and acts as the foundation for the Decentralized Conglomerate: an ecosystem of interlinked companies.

Driven by peer-to-peer adoption, OpenLedger allows anyone to create regulation ready smartcoins, aka digital tokens, that are used to secure trust among various types of relational dynamics.


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